SUN Collagen Gold Peptides dissolves easily, making it ideal for mixing into almost any regularly consumed food or beverages.

It is recommended to consume 14 grams Collagen peptides on a daily basis = 2 levelled scoops.

If you have a medical condition or are pregnant, please consult your medical doctor or Health care Professional.


Benefits of Sun Collagen Gold


Collagen protects the eyes against UV-Rays. Lutein selectively accumulates in the retina of the eye, where the incoming UV & Blue light is absorbed.

Healthy Ageing

The collagen is highly digestible & bioavailable. It rapidly delivers specific peptides to connective tissues and stimulating the synthesis of endogenous collagen in skin bones, joints & muscle.


Collagen Peptides have been proven to stimulate cartilage cells synthesis, producing increased collagen. Following ingestion, collagen peptides rapidly accumulate in cartilage and provide a

pool of specific Amino-Acids to promote endogenous collagen synthesis in the cartilage cells.

Hair & Nails

Collagen provides the structural foundation for hair & nails. When Collagen Peptides are ingested, the Amino Acids are absorbed and used by hair follicle cells to produce keratin proteins for healthy hair, finger- & toe-nails.


Collagen Peptides increase the density of the deeper skin layers, providing more strength to the skin and increases the skin moisture. Helps fight against the visible signs of skin ageing & improves skin elasticity.


Collagen Peptides can help to maintain the nitrogen balance and preserve lean body mass. Collagen peptide supplementation in combination with resistance training has been shown to improve
body composition and increase muscle strength.


Collagen peptides promote bone health by stimulating bone renewal, maintaining bone mineral density, improving bone solidity and strength, thus, prevent bone loss. It is proven to stimulate chondrocytes to produce more Aggrecan and collagen Type 2, promoting healthy joints and reducing the degrading effects of osteoarthritis. Studies have shown that collagen peptides accumulate in cartilage following ingestion. The presence of specific collagen peptides may promote endogenous collagen synthesis in the cartilage cells. Also slow down cartilage degeneration.