Frequently asked questions about SUNSKIN products.


Yes, SPF means it only protects against UVB (Burning Rays). You need sunscreen to protect against UVA (Ageing).

SUN SKIN sunscreens consist of Organic filters which are carbon-based molecules. It absorbs the UV-Rays, oscillates & neutralizes the rays

It means the time you can spend in the sun. Doesn’t mean % or minutes. Example: Take a SPF50. If it takes your skin 10 minutes in the sun to burn, you multiply it with the SPF 50 = 500 minutes safe in the sun (8 hours). On condition you don’t wipe, sweat or swim. If so, you have to REAPPLY!!

We suggest that babies younger than 6 months, are not exposed to UV, since their melanocytes are not fully developed. Keep them in the shades & cover them with clothing. If in the sun, do sunscreen patch test and rather apply sunscreen than NO protection.

We only use filters that are approved by the European Regulations. The older filters can be unstable.

The blue visible light of your cellphone, computer screen, fluorescent lights causes oxidative damage to the skin (pigmentation, inflammation, ageing, disrupting the barrier of the skin).

Yes! The UVB (Burning rays) are less intense during winter, but the intensity of the UVA (Ageing rays) is the same as in summer.

Absolutely! In fact, UVA rays penetrate through clouds, windows etc. Be aware that the reflection of the sun on water, sand or snow burns the skin.

Yes, all the SUN SKIN Sunscreens are water resistant. Take note: According to the CTFA you can’t claim sunscreen to be Waterproof 

Sunscreen! The sun causes wrinkles

Not to our Dry touch sunscreens

The face sunscreens target different needs: either Anti-Ageing properties or for oily / acne skin (dry touch).

Oral ‘sunscreens’ are mainly antioxidants to increase the skin’s MED (minimum Erythema Dose).

Very good! SA follow the European regulations.

Yes, especially our UV-DERM SPF50 that gives total protection. Especially the Visible light of the computer screen, cellphone & fluorescent lights.

Mainly Germany, Switzerland & USA

2 years unopened, opened 1 year

We have already decanted from the big bottles into the small 50ml bottles that are attached




Yes, the collagen protects the skin from within by doubling your MED, though you still need to apply sunscreen

Yes, it contains Lutein that protects the sensors of the retina against UV

SUN Collagen Gold Peptides are Amino Acids. They are the building blocks for the body to produce collagen. So therefore, your body uses these Amino Acids to build any Type of collagen where needed. Thus, also to build cartilage.

Yes, see above explanation.

Joint juice! Helps with inflammation

No, it is a supplement.

Within the first 3 months. If you’re older, the difference may be more prominent since our collagen decrease as we grow older. This is not a quick fix, this is a maintenance.

No, this is Bovine collagen derived from cows. Unfortunately, there is no Vegan Collagen available.

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