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Classic Collagen

This is PURE Collagen (without any added ingredients as with SUN COLLAGEN GOLD). High quality Hydrolized Collagen Peptides - light golden colour powder. Contains 18 key Amino Acids with exceptional nutritional properties. These Amino Acids are identical as found in skin, joints, bone, muscle, hair & nails. Bovine (beef), Halaal & Kosher certified.

The body uses these Amino Acids as building blocks for all types of collagen.

Benefits of this collagen:

  • Healthy Ageing - Stimulates the synthesis of endogenous collagen in skin, bones, joints & muscle 
  • Joints -Collagen Peptides have been proven to stimulate cartilage cells synthesis, producing increased collagen.
  • Hair& Nails -Improves healthy hair & nails
  • Skin - Collagen Peptides increase the density of the deeper skin layers; increases skin moisture
  • Muscles - improves body composition & increase muscle strength
  • Bones -stimulates bone renewal & density.