SKINKIDZThe SKIN KIDZ philosophy is to inspire children to take care of their skin as this is a lifelong investment!

This Range is especially developed for children’s delicate skin. It is suitable for young healthy skin. 

SKIN KIDZ offers the customers a simple choice and adhere to environmental requirements. 
- Adds integrity and ease of choice for the in-betweens.
- The young generation that does not need to change, but to grow-up to be the best they can be. 
- No discrimination between boys and girl’s skin, both have developing skins.
- Products will be available from you as stockist and this will be a unique channel to the public.

The SKIN KIDZ formulations are Eco friendly & Environmental sustainable.

Ingredient analyser:

  • Certified COSMOS Organic and Natural Surfactants – ECOCERT
  • Safe for Babies and liquid Facial Wash with excellent mildness!

SKIN KIDZ Products are packaged in HDPE modern designed bottles with a soft touch feel.  These bottle design will be new to the market.  The colours are fresh and vibrant to make the product stand out amongst the standard white minimalistic round Boston bottles. 

All the bottles have pumps to easily dispense the product for use.

The range is unifying in the shape and complimentary colours of the bottles and printing.

Each of the products are:

  • Gentle on the young skin
  • Helps with brightening of young skin
  • Have a Comedogenic Rating of 1
  • Praben Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Alchohol Free
  • Good for Oily and Dry skin
  • Good for Sensitive Skin


The ingredients are selected to work with nature – sustainable and gentle of a young healthy skin.  Gentle on a young skin to protect the micro fauna and to keep the natural skin moisturisers intact to assist with gentle growing up.

  • Natural butter - Mango butter and skin calming ingredients – Allantoin & Bisobolol.
  • The surfactants are natural sugar-based glucosides. Soft, gentle on the skin and only take care of the dirt.

SKIN KIDZ products focus on providing products for children with healthy skins.  These products need to adhere to the stringent safety requirements.  The most conservative organisations of cosmetic ingredients evaluation are EWG (Environmental Working Group, and CIR (Cosmetic Ingredient Register,  Each of these organisations has a rating scale to rank the products for safety.  Safety relates the impact on the human’s health and the environment.

The SKIN KIDZ formulations scored a 1(low hazard) for all the ingredients. 

SKIN KIDZ products are protected by GeoGard Ultra; Cosmos/EcoCert Certification 5442)

Compared to most other products, there are very few that can adhere to these requirements.  This is an indication that SKIN KIDZ products can be used with confidence.